Permanent Makeup Pricing

Are you a new client?

All new client procedures include a follow up “touch up”  within 6 – 8 weeks after initial procedure . After 3 months if touch up is not met (life happens) a small fee may be involved do to additional work.

    • Permanent Makeup

    • Eyebrows

      650 & UP

      Microblading or naturally enhancing your own brows with a bold look, a soft powdered highlight appearance or a hairline stroke enhancement. During the consultation, we will decide on what best suits your needs and desires.

    • Top Eyeliner

      450. & UP
    • Bottom Eyeliner

    • Top and Bottom Eyeliner Package


      The eyeliner packages includes both of my eyeliner treatments. I am always one to enjoy the fabulous world of permanent cosmetics and will do my best to share that with you! Blue eyes? Enhance them with a blue or a black eyeliner. Green eyes? Jade is my favored shade in that case. What about brown or hazel? Try purple! This is your chance to have some fun with color to make your eyes really stand out with any shade on the color wheel.

    • Full Lip Color Enhancement


      3 Applications

    • Lip Liner with Shading


      Enhance your natural lip shape with a lip liner treatment that shows off your best feature. A small amount of color goes a long way.

    • Scalp Hair Stimulation

      500.00 and up
    • Tattoo Lightening

      250.00 and up per hour

      Doctor’s Consultation is required for larger pieces

    • Dry Needling, Areola Enhancement, Color Correction

      Consultation Required

Are you already a client?

Benefit from keeping your cosmetics fresh! If your cosmetics fade to where I cannot see my old work, FULL prices will apply so please be aware of that as you keep an eye on your previous work!

After 2 years a consultation is required. once again. Touch ups are a one-time application only.

Please Note: After 3 years, full service prices may apply.

    • Eyebrows, Eyes & Lips

    • Up To 3 Months

    • 3 months to 1 year

    • Top or Bottom Eyeliner

    • Top and Bottom Package

    • Lip Liner Touch Up

    • Full Lip Touch Up

    • Color Correction


      Charge is in addition to pricing.

    • Medical Procedures

    • Areolaes, Camouflage, Scarring, Dry Needling

      Consultation Required

DON’T FORGET ABOUT YOUR “BROW” BUCKS!!! Ask me for more details!

I am a Fellow member of the American Academy of Micro-Pigmentation.  I am licensed and approved to practice Micro Pigmentation by the New Jersey Department of Health.