It doesn’t matter what way you style it, eyebrows are arguably the most important facial feature that we have. If you’re not satisfied with yours, there is a dozen ways to update or change them, including pencils, brow gels and permanent tattooing. However, all of those options have the downside of looking stiff and, worse, unnatural, and can leave you unhappy with your brows and all the maintenance they require to keep them looking perfect.

Microblading is a beautiful technique that help us achieve a “Hairline Effect” to enhancing your eyebrows ONLY! This is a handheld technique to help enhance your eyebrows giving you a softer ,more realistic look to your eyebrows. As we get older we tend to loose our hair. This will enhance your feature. I call this The Cheapest Face lift in the World! When you enhance the frame around your face, you “look yourself, only better.” ………. $650 & up the consolation is NOT included in this price

No matter what you’re doing — getting up in the morning, swimming in the pool or getting ready to hit the town — your eyebrows will be perfect and ready to go with no work from you! Call today for your consultation!

Special Video!

This is a short video of where hairs are selectively placed directly after microblading.